Our History

Andersonstown Community Forum has a proud history, born of an area which has suffered more than its fair share of social deprivation and unrest.

Small but dynamic local community groups have always been active in Greater Andersonstown, and the emergence of the peace process and funding opportunities from the European Union post-1995, served as a vital impetus for these local groups to collaborate to take advantage of the exciting new opportunities available to transform the area.

The old Tullymore headquarters

The old Tullymore headquarters

Under the aegis of The Upper Andersonstown Community Forum, these groups have successfully addressed issues of primary local concern, including housing, the environment, youth development and a women’s training network.

As Tullymore Community Centre has grown as a vital local community hub, changing demographics and the identification of wider local needs has meant that The Forum has now expanded its catchment area to encompass the Greater Andersonstown area, not just the Upper part of the electoral ward.

Our history continues to unfold at a rapid pace, and we look forward to a bright future servicing the needs of even more people in the Greater Andersonstown area and making an invaluable contribution to the quality of our environment.